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Re: Re[2]: Petzold Example

From: GBradfor <>
To: <>
Date: Saturday, November 22, 1997 7:58 PM
Subject: Re[2]: Petzold Example
>     Second, Colin, any comments on the reply below?  In your humble
>     opinion, what are the benefits of someone like me using mingwin32
>     vis-a-vis full-up b18/coolview/whatever?  One thing I have heard
>     you already is the availability of thread-safe libraries.  Any

If you are doing programming for Win32 specifically, instead of porting
Unix code, then Mingw32 (or some other compiler) will be a better option
than Cygwin32 I think. For a Win32 program which doesn't use any
Unix-style system calls the Cygwin32 library adds a bunch of overhead, and
an extra DLL that you have to worry about, which you don't need. Of
course, if you are porting Unix software then Cygwin32 is often a very
fast and effective way to get a working program with minimum changes. Both
systems are reasonably good when used according to the doctor's
instructions. You should use the one that best fits your needs. If
necessary you can use both on the same system (though setup is a little
hairy for that).

>______________________________ Reply Separator
>Subject: Re: Petzold Example
>Author:  "Pedro A. Aranda Gutiirrez" <> at Internet
>Date:    11/19/97 7:38 AM

Well, of course everyone knows by now that I pay Pedro half of all my
profits from Mingw32. :-)

>files. Colin's page then points at two interesting places. One is in
>and features a CYGWIN.DLL free GCC for Win32 (very handy, feels almost
>like DJGPP) and a place with and EGCS implementation for Win32 which
>seems to run (at least GCC and GDB) seamlessly.

I believe the other points were addressed in an earlier mail, but I would
like to point out for general interest the version of GDB, downloadable
separately, available from Mumit Khan's site (the EGCS compiler site). In
my experience it works very well, and I don't miss the Tcl/Tk GUI at all.
There are still situations where I find myself having to kill GDB, but it
doesn't bring down my Win95 box anymore. Highly recommended for Mingw32

Right, that's enough shameless plugging for one day.


-- Colin Peters -- colin at
-- Saga University Dept. of Information Science

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