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Win32 Online Documentation -- Final Report

Hi folks,

Anthony Williams wrote:

> > > Visit my web page and download the
> > > old Win32 API help file (10 zip files to make it easy to download). Like
> > > I said it's old, but it does include most functions, apart from new
> > > DirectX, and Win95 shell functions.

	I would recommend that anyone interested in this documentation download
it from Anthonys' site since it is combined into a Winhlp32.exe
compatible format.  From what I've seen of the help file generated by the
files there, it appears to be well thought out and fairly straight-forward 
when it comes to navigation.

	The site also has the files ( 
/pub/win-nt/win-32).  However, they don't go together very well when 
one attempts to use the .bat program included at the site itself.

> >  The site has the file...which is required to run
> > the help file created from the above files.
> > 
> >  You can find it at /pub/msdos/windows/util if you need it.
>  I combined the files, and then downloaded the file.
>  The winhelp.exe included within the file does not recognize
> api32wh.hlp as a windows help file.

	After downloading and running the .bat file from Anthonys' site, 
everything came together nicely.

	I've also put together an archive based on the data I downloaded from 
Anthonys' site.  My version is a single 4.02M file.  I'd be happy to 
upload it somewhere convenient if anyone has any suggestions.


		Paul G.

Chronicles of Aurum: Book I
      A Journey Into the Fantastic
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