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Re: Win32 Online Documentation -- Revisited

Hi folks.,

	This Just In...

On 20 Nov 97 at 10:51, the Illustrious Anthony Williams wrote:

Paul G. wrote:

> > >	Does anyone know where I might find downloadable documentation (one 
> > big 
> > >chunk or as part of some other currently available distribution) on the 
> > >net which is similar in scope and depth to the MSDN Win32 
> > documentation?

Anthony replied:

> Visit my web page and download the
> old Win32 API help file (10 zip files to make it easy to download). Like
> I said it's old, but it does include most functions, apart from new
> DirectX, and Win95 shell functions.

	The site has the file...which is required to run 
the help file created from the above files.

	You can find it at /pub/msdos/windows/util if you need it. 
 I was unable to run the .hlp files noted above (specifically api32wh.hlp 
with either the WFW3.11 winhelp.exe or the Winhelp32.exe program included 
with NT 4.0)

	Paul G.

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