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[ANN] native make.exe (mingw32)

After a whole bunch of requests for "make" (the only vital piece
missing in the mingw32 toolchain until now), I decided to hack the
current w32 support and built it with i386-mingw32-gcc. Works pretty
well, but I've done very little testing.

Pick it up at
and please get the README.make as well which you're at it.

fyi, these are the programs available in my mingw32 distribution:

    addr2line.exe         gcc.exe               objcopy.exe
    ar.exe                gcov.exe              objdump.exe
    as.exe                gdb.exe               protoize.exe
    c++.exe               genclass              ranlib.exe
    c++filt.exe           gperf.exe             size.exe
    dlltool.exe           i386-mingw32-gcc.exe  strings.exe
    g++.exe               ld.exe                strip.exe
    g77.exe               make.exe              unprotoize.exe
    gasp.exe              nm.exe                windres.exe

Mumit --
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