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Re: Win32 Online Documentation -- Revisited

On 20 Nov 97 at 10:51, the Illustrious Anthony Williams wrote:

Paul Garceau wrote:

> > >	Does anyone know where I might find downloadable documentation (one 
> > big 
> > >chunk or as part of some other currently available distribution) on the 
> > >net which is similar in scope and depth to the MSDN Win32 
> > documentation?

Anthony Williams wrote:

> Visit my web page and download the
> old Win32 API help file (10 zip files to make it easy to download). Like
> I said it's old, but it does include most functions, apart from new
> DirectX, and Win95 shell functions.

	This is great!  Thanks so much for letting us know.  I am sure there are 
a lot of people on this list that are appreciative of knowing where it is 
at and how to download it.  I know I am.  Thanks again, Anthony.

	For those who prefer ftp downloading (healthy 28.8kbs over the big 
pond from this Western US location) or who aren't local to the 
site, the ftp reference is /pub/win-nt/win32-api.  Be sure 
and check-out the excellent readme file which is at the ftp site since it 
tells how to put it all together after downloading.


		Paul G.

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      A Journey Into the Fantastic
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