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Petzold example

GBradfor wrote :

>      Colin,
>      Thanks for the help!  It works, sorta-kinda!  It's still not
>      the correct entry point (the -e option should work now, though),
>      the .wav file isn't being played; but, hey!, there is a Window on
>      screen, and it looks the way it should!  The other things are
>      details.

I had problems with the header from microsoft because gcc didn't like
unions or structs. I had to delete all these structs and thus make every
allocated for. And when I linked the example you mentioned with libwinmm
the sound of Petzold could be heard at last! =)

I would also like to ask a general question about headers to everyone
that reads
this. I'm not a legal guru and therefore I was  wondering what the
restrictions are
to take the Microsoft headers and change them a bit? (stupid question
maybe, but as
I said I have no idea whatsoever about copyright in this context).


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