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Re: Problem with fsetpos

>From: "Fred Seibel" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: Problem with fsetpos
>Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 08:20:40 -0500
>I have a UNIX program that makes extensive use of fgetpos and fsetpos 
>move around a file.
>I have discovered that fsetpos with values of offset greater than ~ 
>misses the corrrect value.  The
>error is 16 at 2000 and 179 at 10000.  I am running WindowsNT 4.0
>Workstation, with Service Patch 3.
>I am running b18.
>This error can be detected by inspection using gdb.
>Open a text file a trivial program.
>fp = fopen("foo.txt", "r");
>fsetpos(fp, 2000L, SEEK_SET);
>gdb>print *fp
>shows the next text that will be read.
>Open file in emacs and position to char 2000.

This looks like the infamous Y2K problem to me. ;^} Ha, Ha, Ha.

>Observe that the file seems to be positioned at 1984. hmmmm.

-        \\||//

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