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Re: MS Platform SDK now available

On 19 Nov 97 at 19:58, the Illustrious Michael Hirmke wrote:

> Hi Paul,
> >Hi folks,
> >
> >	Just found what I may have been looking for all this time.  Again, thanks
> >for your patience.
> We would be much more patient, if you would tell us, where you found this
> doc :)


	I hear what you are saying...

	Actually, it's not much to speak's on the MSDN library site (need 
to be level 1 MSDN to use it).  It's very slow and 'clunky' when it comes 
to any sort of quick referencing...alas, it doesn't actually fulfill the 
need I have.  

	Over the 20+ years I've been involved with computers, I have discovered 
that I learn best when I have all the reference material (especially 
documentation for function calls, assembler syntax, etc.) at my 
fingertips.  Things move even faster when it is a language I've programmed 
in, such as C/C++, Fortran, (*gak*) Cobol or 68k assembler.

	Unfortunately, the MSDN library really doesn't enable any sort of virtual 
fingertip least not in the way that something I have on my 
disk would.  

	Speed, for me, is the key, when it comes to referencing anything that
can even partially resemble a major development project...and the one I
am working on is definitely one of those major projects.  I'd be more than 
happy to download an 8M file if it has all of the Win32 documentation 
(calls, syntax, etc.).  Heck, I'd even be willing to convert it to 
something that people can effectively use.  I was extremely disappointed 
(thanks to MS, it would seem) to not find complete documentation as part 
of their November 1997 Platform SDK download.


		Paul G.

Chronicles of Aurum: Book I
      A Journey Into the Fantastic
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