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Re: Win32 Online Documentation?

On 20 Nov 97 at 9:13, the Illustrious Axel Riese wrote:

> Hi all!
> Some months ago I downloaded the file api32wh.hlp from somewhere. This is
> a rather big (8 MB) Windows Help file from Microsoft which describes most
> of the Win32 API functions in detail. For me, this documentation turned
> out to be very useful for writing Win32 applications, since with a
> programmable editor you can quickly look up information on a specific
> function, structure, etc.

	This sounds like the sort of thing I am looking for.

> Unfortunately, I don't remember where I got this file from (actually an
> address ending with, but it should not be too difficult to figure
> this out. However I remember that the version at was broken
> !

	Not sure where I would begin to look for it.  If anyone still has the 
location reference, it would be greatly appreciated.

	Thanks, Axel for your help.


		Paul G.

Chronicles of Aurum: Book I
      A Journey Into the Fantastic
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