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Re[2]: Petzold Example

     Thanks for the help!  It works, sorta-kinda!  It's still not finding 
     the correct entry point (the -e option should work now, though), and 
     the .wav file isn't being played; but, hey!, there is a Window on the 
     screen, and it looks the way it should!  The other things are just 
     Thanks again.
     Pat Bradford
     P.S. Just so you won't think me a complete idiot, up until recently, 
     most of my programming time has been spent on real-time embedded 
     systems, where there is NO user interface.  For me, programming for 
     Windows is a whole new world!
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Subject: RE: Petzold Example
Author:  Colin Peters <> at Internet
Date:    11/19/97 12:29 PM

>GBradfor wrote:
>>    the following two-step compile: 
>>        gcc -c -DSTRICT -o hellowin.obj hellowin.c
>>        ld -o hellowin.exe hellowin.obj --subsystem windows -luser32 
>>                -lgdi32 -L$(GCC_WIN_LIB)
>>     After copying mmsystem.h down from Microsoft's web, 
>>      Everything compiled and linked.  I do get this warning, 
>>      however:
>>        ld: warning: cannot find entry symbol WinMainCRTStartup; 
>>        defaulting to 00401000
>>     Using the "-e mainCRTStartup" as suggested in another post 
>>      doesn't help; the linker can't find that symbol, either.
>>     When I try to run the resulting executable, I get the following 
>>      error message:
>>        A required .DLL file, j.DLL, was not found.
>This message indicates, usually, that the list of DLLs to import is corrupt. 
>And this happens when the dll import list is not properly terminated by
>a little piece of code in crt0.o. (NOTE: crt0.o is also the place where the 
>entry point mainCRTStartup is defined, which is another hint.)
>Basically the problem is that you are running ld directly. Generally it is a 
>better idea to let gcc call the linker by running gcc as if it *was* the 
>linker. That way all kinds of default options get set, including the linking 
>of the startup code crt0.o (which you need).
>Change this:
>>        ld -o hellowin.exe hellowin.obj --subsystem windows -luser32 
>>                -lgdi32 -L$(GCC_WIN_LIB)
    >gcc -o hellowin.exe hellowin.o -mwindows
    >gcc -o hellowin.exe hellowin.o -Wl,--subsystem,windows -luser32 -lgdi32
>And things should work, or at least your bugs will change :)
>Good luck,
>-- Colin Peters - Saga Univ. Dept. of Information Science
>-- - finger for PGP public key 

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