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Thread-safeness in cygwin32

I'm using B18 to port a multi-process, multi-threaded project, which
seems to work well on linux and solaris 2.5. The project is a
communications processor, middleware, which invokes multiple instances
of essentially the same process (doing different tasks), each process is
multi-threaded with some identical and some different threads. On B18,
processes die erractically in ways that suggest race conditions and
thread data curruption. Additionally, the identical process instances
seem to affect each other, one process causing the death of another.

Can anyone make an informed, definitive statement on the thread-safeness
of B18? Are threads sharing code or data in an unsafe manner? Are
processes sharing code or data (perhaps through cygwin.dll) in an unsafe

I've seen some posts in the archives suggesting in a general way that
cygwin.dll functions and functions in newlib may not be thread-safe -
does anyone know for sure? Are there lists of functions to avoid or
other workarounds?

Or do I just have buggy code ....


Mike Anderson
Guanajuato, GTO, Mexico
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