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cygwin32 X11 problem


I'm having trouble getting X11 and fvwm going on my setup:

X11 from, installed according to its
instructions.  cygwin.dll, libcygwin.a, bash.exe, and ps.exe from the
b18-patch directory.

xpm-3.4j for fvwm, compiled on my machine.

fvwm-1.24r (I prefer it over fvwm2), compiled on my machine.

MI/X X server, installed according to its instructions.

I've made sure there is only one copy of cygwin.dll
and libcygwin.a on the machine. The new version of bash
is also in /bin.

environment variables:
DISPLAY=BOGUS:0.0   (bogus is the machine name, localhost doesn't
                     make any difference.)

/etc/passwd and /etc/group as created by mkpasswd -l
and mkpasswd -g respectively.

I start the MI/X server either by its icon, or from
the dos box. If I start it from the bash prompt, I
don't get the prompt back until the server terminates.

After starting the server, I attempt to start fvwm from
either bash or the dos box, and I get the following
error message:
"The application failed to initialize properly (0Xc000007b)"

I'm probably doing something out of order or otherwise missing
something simple and obvious. Any ideas?


Mike Anderson
Guanajuato, GTO, Mexico
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