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Re: OpenGL with gcc (Minimalist Solution)

On 18 Nov 97 at 6:15, the Illustrious Andrew Neiderer wrote:

> I am trying to link OpenGL libraries glut.lib, glu.lib, and opengl.lib by
> SGI with a simple application in my first OpenGL program.  I am doing
> this on an Intel-based machine running NT 4.0.

	As this email unfolds, let me re-iterate that I am using mingw32 (x86)
under NT 4.0 and have had no problems to speak of after downloading SGIs
OpenGL SDK (1.1) for Windows and the OpenGL lib files available for 
mingw32 at:

	First thing that comes to mind is; are you using the SGI OpenGL SDK for 
the Windows platforms (95 and NT)?

	Second thing; if the above is true, have you set your lib calls (specs or 
make) to reference opengl.dll, glut.dll and gl.dll instead of the lib 
files in your lib directory?

	If no, then set your "specs" file or your "make" file to include those 
files as "-lopengl -lglut -lgl" under your lib call section.  You may also 
need to add -luser32 for the Cygnus GNU-Win32 distribution; I believe that 
the Kernel32.dll (-lKernel32) is already included with the "specs" setup 
for Cygwin32.

(skip code fragment -- can't address use of #prototypes...)

> But when I try to generate the executeable
> gcc -o main.exe main.o C:/usr/lib/GL/glut.lib C:/usr/lib/GL/glu.lib
> C:/usr/lib/GL/opengl.lib

	To restate what I mentioned above, don't use the .lib files...use the 
.dll files that SGI includes with their OpenGL SDK for Windows 95/NT.  
(This also means, do not use the MS supplied .dlls for OpenGL...they will 
not work.)

> I get
> main.o(.text+0x3d):main.c: undefined reference to glutInit.
> gcc: Internal compiler error: program ld got fatal signal 1.

	This is what I received before I managed to get all of the proper .dll 
files installed under winnt\system32 to be referenced properly.

> The above works fine on my SGI running IRIX 6.2.  My goal is to move
> OpenGL applications from my SGI to our Intergraph but I first must be
> able to do the above.  Please help as I am ready to give up.  Thanks.
> - Andy Neiderer

	Hope this helps.

		Paul G.

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      A Journey Into the Fantastic
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