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Win32 Online Documentation?


	I realize this has been asked before (way back in February).  I also
realize that MS is very greedy when it comes to making Win32
documentation available in an easy to use format such as .html or NT .hlp 
files.  Even so, I am wondering if anyone, besides MS, has something like 
that available for download.  As it stands, they are making all the SDKs 
available if the company desiring nothing more than documentation are 
willing to add another $US500/yr to the MS coffers.

	Fortunate (in the eyes of MS I am sure) or unfortunate at this may seem, 
it is not an option for very small companies who only need to get their 
hands on nothing more than complete Win32 documentation.

	You may respond directly to me or via the moderated mailing list.  Thanks 
for any non-flammable information you may wish to offer.


		Paul G.

Chronicles of Aurum: Book I
      A Journey Into the Fantastic
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