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Re: install suggestion (Re: groff/man)

On Tue, 18 Nov 1997, raf wrote:

> >I did compile man / groff from Linux sources without problems.
> >I just edited the MakeFiles a bit ( mostly to change the /usr/bin and 
> >other 'standard unix directories' ) to fit my cygnus configuration.
> >I also changed the name of the executables adding a ".EXE" so that 
> >"make install" could work.
> which reminds me - why doesn't install cope with arguments without .exe?
> are there any reasons why it shouldn't be masde to do so?

Yeah.  I was wondering that too.  Upon examination there are two install
programs.  Install.exe and install-sh.  Install.exe is some binary program
with no apparent source, install-sh is ansh script, that _does_ check for
.exe, however most programs (in fact all..) that I've seen check for
install and not install-sh.  Rename install.exe to install.ex_ or delete
it, and rename install-sh to install.  This should solve everything.

> changing install commands in makefiles would surely be a good thing to avoid.

- alex

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