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Re: OpenNT

Sergey Okhapkin wrote:
> Arlindo da Silva wrote:
> >
> > And let's not forget that OpenNT is a NT-only product. The software
> written
> > with it will exclude all those win95 users out there.
> >
> Some bad news - it seems to me that both OpenNT and Posix subsystem from MS
> fails to run after installing MS IE4.0... Have anyone the same troubles?

As far as I can tell, installing MSIE 4.0 is a big mistake.
It caused my system to crash every hour or two.  I finally 
had to uninstall it to get my life back to some normality.  
I think I made a big mistake in responding yes to the 
question of whether I wanted the desktop installed or 
whatever the question was.  I didn't try installing just 
the browser (which is what I should have done), I didn't 
realize the implications of installing the desktop component.

On the uninstall I got a bit of a scare when it didn't reboot,
but I managed to get it going again after playing around with 
it a little (don't remember exactly what I did to recover - 
maybe had to boot in safe mode).

MSIE 4.0 is EVIL!    :)

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