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Re: ask for help

>Date: Sun, 9 Nov 1997 20:57:07 -0500 (EST)
>From: Wei Hua Ni <>
>Subject: ask for help
>Hi All,
>I am new for bash and tcl/tk, the following script is copied from a 

For more info on tcl/tk you might have a look at

>but when I launch it from wish42, it always gives me a message 
>'console1' wasn't opened for writing". I don't know how I solve this 

I believe that this problem only exists in the win32 version.  I believe 
that the error is that stdout/stderr isn't associated with a window.

>#!/gnuwin32/b18/tcl/bin/wish42 -f
>set id 0
>entry .entry -width 30 -relief sunken -textvariable cmd
>pack .entry -padx 1m -pady 1m
>bind .entry <Return> {
>    set id [expr $id + 1]
>    if {$id > 5} {
>	    destroy .b[expr $id - 5]
>	}
>	button .b$id -command "exec <@stdin >@stdout $cmd" -text $cmd
>	pack .b$id -fill x
>	.b$id invoke
>	.entry delete 0 end
>Question 2:
>In tclsh, I type in a program, it always says no such file. e. g.
>% programname
>couldn't execute ".\programname": no such file or directory.

I think that the problem is that tclsh doesn't recognize the path as it 
is received from the cygnus package.  I believe that if you specify the 
full pathname it should work.  Also I've noticed that the full win32 
path must be specified in the script file for executing the script from 
the command line.

>Question 3:
>My tcl/tk package came with cygnus' cdk.exe. After I installed it. the 
>looks like below,
>   |
>   |---- share |------ tcl7.6
>   |           |
>   |           |------ tk4.2
>   |
>   |
>   |---- tcl ---- lib
>             |  |
>	     |  |--- lib --- tk4.2
>	     |
>	     |----- tcl76
>and no doc subdirectory and lib/tk4.2/demos as mentioned in tcl/readme.

I have no idea as to why these are missing but can be obtained by 
following the appropriate links through

>Question 4:
>I know there should be some set up files, but I don't know the syntex.

Also, follow the appropriate links through

>	Any advise is appreciated.
>	Thanks.

Your welcome.


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