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Re: Bash as the interactive shell in Emacs 19.34.6 for NT not working

>From: Fergus Henderson <>
>Subject: Re: Bash as the interactive shell in Emacs 19.34.6 for NT not     
>Look, text=binary mode is a nice feature, but not everyone wants it.
>I'd much rather have a version of bash that worked even with 
>mode than having to convert all files to binary mode.  
>One reason for this is that anytime I (or the users of the program that
>I'm porting) use a Windows text editing tool to edit my (their) files,
>it will save the files in text mode, not binary mode, so the conversion 
>not just a "once-off" thing that can be done at installation time and
>then forgotten about. 
>I'm not trying to reignite the text-vs-binary debate, I would just like
>the developers to bear in mind that many of the users would prefer to
>use text mode mounts rather than binary mode mounts if possible.

I believe that your original problem was that you were having problems 
with executing bash from emacs.  If you fix the resource files (.bashrc, 
.profile, /etc/profile, etc.) that things should work ok.  You can mount 
the same directory with multiple mount points one as text=binary and 
another mount point as text!=binary.

I am using vim for my editor and if the file I am editing contains \r\n 
combinations then it will output the file in text mode even if the file 
resides in a binary mount and if the file contains only the \n it will 
output the file in binary mode even in text!=binary mounts.  Therefore, 
having binary mounts doesn't eliminate the \r\n combination, it does 
mean that for scripts they cannot exist.

By the way, I do agree that it would be nice for the command line 
processes to recognize the file type on the fly and set the file 
processing mode appropriately.

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