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RE: fork2

Jason Zions wrote:
> Or you could use OpenNT from Softway Systems which gives you a real,
> honest, fully-conforming, fork(). Not to mention the rest of POSIX.1,

> That's a shame. You can have both; you just need the right technology.

I've tried this "right technology"... cc as a front-end to cl fools all 
configure scripts. I couldn't find on Softway's ftp site fixed cc 
(mentioned in technote) :-( OK, I downloaded from softway web site gcc 
(it's cygnus gcc, btw :-) and tried to make bash 2.01. Configure runs fine 
(and rightly), I made a small changes in bash sources to conform OpenNT 
libraries (*sigh*), make passed. Bash just traps on start-up with 
segmentation violation message... "Hello, World" works fine :-)

BTW, fork() in OpenNT 2.0 is excellent! It's not fast like on unix systems, 
but it takes no processor resources like on cygwin. The simpliest program - 
fork() in a loop and wait for a child, child just exits immediately - runs 
much faster than on cygwin and with almost zero processor load! It's very 
interesting for me - why processor load is 0? What the computer does at 
this time?-)

Unfortunately, I can't continue to play with OpenNT - the demo key is 
expired now:-) BTW, do you know, that cygwin passes most of tests of NIST 
Posix Conformance Test Suite?-)

Sergey Okhapkin,
Moscow, Russia
Looking for a job

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