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Following is a mail forwarded to Geoffrey Noer, I have had no response
I was wondering if someone could have a crack at the following




Hi Geoffrey,

Some time in the last week Yushin Zhao forwarded a list of questions
to you regarding the CYGWIN/GNU-WIN32 product.  Sorry to bother you
again but we require some more information.  Should it not be
your role to answer questions from potential customers, could you
forward the following questions to someone else and inform us who
we should be talking to.


We are currently porting a group of Ada/C executables from HP-UX 10.X
to Windows NT.  We are considering a number of 3rd party prouducts which
provide UNIX like facilities on NT.


1. What is the licensing / price structure of your product?
   (I know that you only provide support for C)
     - Run time or compilation based?
     - When do you need a license (in plain english).  We are developing
       a product and may not wish to allow our customer publishing
       rights for our source code (although they have access to it).

2. Have you produced your own version of gcc or can the product be used
   with normal releases of the gcc compiler?

3. Do you provide consulting services for such porting ventures?

4. What other sources of information should we pursue before bothering

5. Are there any previous customers we could communicate with?

6. Why is your product better than OpenNT or Nutcracker?

Thankyou for your help,

Darren Brown
JP2030 Systems Engineer
ADI Limited, CCIS.

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