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Re: cygwin_except_handler problem !

Pasa Guglielmo wrote:
> Does anybody know what is this all about and if that kind of problem is
> thought to disappear with a next version of cygwin ?
> gui@JAMES/usr/gnuwin32/b18# xephem
> (D:\USR\X11R6.3\BIN\XEPHEM.EXE 1011) In cygwin_except_handler exc
> C0000005 at 5D
> 266D sp 275E14C
> (D:\USR\X11R6.3\BIN\XEPHEM.EXE 1011) Exception trapped!
> (D:\USR\X11R6.3\BIN\XEPHEM.EXE 1011) exception C0000005 at 5D266D
> (D:\USR\X11R6.3\BIN\XEPHEM.EXE 1011) exception: ax FFFFFFFF bx FFFFFFFF
> cx 53 dx
> (D:\USR\X11R6.3\BIN\XEPHEM.EXE 1011) exception: si 275E33C di 2 bp
> 275E150 sp 27
> 5E14C
> (D:\USR\X11R6.3\BIN\XEPHEM.EXE 1011) exception is:

XEPHEM.EXE had a segmentation violation (STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION).
Cygwin did the right thing and trapped the exception but it is probably
not at fault.

The next release changes the output to print something like the following
to the screen:

Dumping strack trace to XEPHEM.EXE.core

Geoffrey Noer
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