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Possible cause of WaitForMultipleObjects error message

I've been working on a partial cygwin32 version of Linux svgalib, with
implemented SVGALib calls taken from the loader error messages you get
when you compile zgv under cygwin32.  I noticed that, when I try to use
either HeapAlloc or GlobalAlloc to allocate a palette vector in libvga.a,
the svga test program always crashes with the `WaitForMultipleObjects'
message that goes with ntxlib under cygwin.

So, instead of using the xxxAlloc programs, I declared the thing I that
Iwanted to be an array of appropriate size, and then the test programs for
svgalib did _not_ crash when run.  For those of you who know what zgv is,
the present working version displays the graphics file menu in a maximized
window, but still needs some work on getting the keyboard.

Oh yes, I believe that someone voluteered to put the updated ntxlib.tar.gz
somewhere on the server.

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