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Re: LyX and Xforms

Hello all,

Please excuse my slow reply. Let me thank both Pasa And Xavier. I also
received a reply from Arlindo da Silva. Arlindo recently posted a not to
the effect that Dr. T. C. Zhao of Univ. of Wisconsin has ported xforms to
gnu-win32 and expects it to be available soon. This will be very useful for
me and I expect for others as well. 

I agree Xavier, that Linux would be a good solution but as I want to us LyX
to work with a colleague who won't want to put Linux on his system, this is
not a viable solution for us, unfortunately. For sure, if what you really
want is an X-windows solution and don't also need any of the WIN32 thingy's
AT THE SAME time. Linux would be a "best" solution. (OK you BSD'ers that
would also be good <g>.)

Thanks again to you three for answering my post, and a special one to
Arlindo for asking T.C. for the port and to the latter for making the port.



At 11:48 AM 11/8/97 -0025, Pasa wrote:
>You should try to ask the XForms group to produce a b18 binary release
>as they cetainly don't want to give you the code. It probably
>will compile succesfully (at least lesstif 0.81 does ! so let's hope).
>Then it is only a problem of porting LyX to b18.
At 11:30 AM 11/7/97 -0800, Xavier wrote:
>I do not think this is possible.  Most of the ports from unix to Win32,
>via Cygwin, require one to have the source.  Although one can get the 
>source code to Lyx, one cannot get the source code for Xforms.  Xforms is
a >commercial package that is built ontop of Xlib, and is not portable.  I
>currently use Lyx on my home PC running LINUX where the XForms libarary
>is freely distributable.  You might want to install LINUX on your PC or
try >to install the XLib server on top of Win32.

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