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RE: Looking for perl that is cygnus compatible

On Thursday, November 13, 1997 9:27 AM, James E. Eads [] wrote:
> Assuming that your system is either Win95 or WinNT, try
> .
> This version 5.003_07 has worked great for me, and I have been using
> Cygnus products without any problems.

I also use this port and find it works as advertised, EXCEPT when you
have CYGWIN_TTY=1.  I have a perl script that spits out some text and
then waits on user input.  It works great when CYGWIN_TTY=1 is not
set, otherwise it just sits there without spitting out the text first.  If I hit
return then it spits out the text and whatever was the default action (ie,
unless you know what to enter it won't show the correct output).  I am
not a perl expert, so maybe there is something I can put in the script 
to compensate for this (any perl expert can speak up here).  As far
as I can tell, I have to run this version in order to run the ODBC perl
module, so I can not run the native compiled version mentioned by others
here.  Again, if someone know otherwise, feel free to correct me.

Gregg Jensen
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