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Re: On the subtleties of using _beginthread to implement fork

Wow.  You've convinced me.  Anyone who understands GlobalAlloc and
can toss around terms like "disguised sibling" obviously knows what
they're taking about.

Here's my start at a new fork implementation:

    static _USERENTRY fork2(void *);
    int fork()
	_beginthread(fork2, 4096, NULL);
	return 0;
    static _USERENTRY fork2(void *nada)
	set_stack_pointer_from_parent();	// never returns

There are still a few trivial functions left unimplemented, but, as I'm
very busy right now, I'll leave them to the other CYGWIN gurus to write.

In article <>,  <> wrote:
>Some beginning programmer wrote to me that _beginthread was not suitable
>for a fork() implementation because it  supposedly uses the `same data
>segment' as its parent process.  Without discussing the subtleties of
>calling GlobalAlloc(), or even its disguised sibling, malloc(), I present
>a description of _beginthread():
>#include <process.h>
>unsigned long _beginthread(_USERENTRY (*start_address)(void *), unsigned
>stack_size, void *arglist)
>Starts execution of a new thread.
>Note:	The start_address must be declared to be _USERENTRY. 
>The _beginthread function creates and starts a new thread. The thread
>starts execution at start_address. 
>The size of its stack in bytes is stack_size; the stack is allocated by
>the operating system after the stack size is rounded up to the next
>multiple of 4096. The thread is passed arglist as its only parameter; it
>can be NULL, but must be present. The thread terminates by simply
>returning, or by calling _endthread.
>Either this function or _beginthreadNT must be used instead of the
>operating system thread-creation API function because _beginthread and
>_beginthreadNT perform initialization required for correct operation of
>the run-time library functions.
>This function is available only in the multithread libraries.
>Return Value
>_beginthread returns the handle of the new thread. 
>On error, the function returns -1, and the global variable errno is set to
>one of the following values:
>EAGAIN	Too many threads
>EINVAL	Invalid request
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