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Re: Who is root? (was Re: raw floppy access)

On Thu, 13 Nov 1997, raf wrote:

> If you are running NT, you might need to create
> an NT user with uid 0 (not just /etc/passwd).
> Anyone know if this possible? I doubt it.

Check MS's MSDN stuff, and if you know C, even better :)  It might take a
little work, but I'm sure it's possible (I don't have NT, so I don't care
that much).
> Alternatively, get[e]uid() could be made to
> return 0 when the user is in the Administrators group.
> Sounds very kludgy.
> Would this be a good idea?

If it was going to be modified to do something like that, it should return
0 for getegid if you're in the Administrators group, and 0 for getgid if
you're only in that group.  For getuid it should then probably return 0 if
you  are the administrator, and 0 for geteuid if you're su'n.
> Isn't the concept of a 'root' user too important
> to ignore when porting unix software?

Theoretically it _is_, but what about on Win95?  So far you're stuck with
{u|g}id 500.

- alex

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