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Ported: Internet Junkbuster 2.0

I announced this port a few weeks ago, and my site (containing the patches)
promptly went down.  =)

I've ported the ijb proxy ( for more info)
to CygWin32 with a few patches -- essentially commenting out anything the
compiler complained about.  It's a brutal, ugly patch, but it does work.

Since I saw the "ported software" page was updated (with my successful "port"
of ncftp) I thought I'd remind everyone of this port as well (and hopefully
get it listed as well).

Binaries, patch, and miscellany are at

The site's still a bit wobbly at the moment but feel free to come get
patches and such.

There's also Win32 source for this software, but it requires a Microsoft
compiler.  I've put binaries together and should have them there as well.

FWIW, I think this is a damn fine proxy.  JunkBusters has really gone all-
out to make a top flight product.  I run it at home as well as in the proxy
chain at work, and it's been really solid.  Highly reccomended software.

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