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Cygwin-Minimalist system?

I just gave the mingw32 minimalist gcc version a test drive today, and,
having perused the `spec' file that determines what gcc does with its
spare time, I had a question:  Why isn't it possible to merge the mingw32
and cygwin spec files so that, say, the default command line for gcc is a
console Unix application and various command-line options invoke
variously, non-console Unix apps, non-console Windows apps and console
(meaning RTLDLL) Windows apps?  Oh yes, and --DLL as a command-line option
would invoke the mingw32 version of having gcc create a DLL.

That is what I would call an evolutionary approach to cygwin32.

Since this has been a revolting day, I would also propose that cygwin32 be
rewritten as an add-on to RTLDLL using _beginthread to implement fork.  It
really ought not to be that difficult, just getting the address of the
next compiled instruction that isn't part of the fork() call.  Doing this,
you pass all the environment problems to RTL, and you also have access to
the complete (threaded) C library and a first-rate console window in that

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