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Re: interesting problem with "find"

At 09:08 AM 11/11/97 -0600, Bartlee A. Anderson wrote:
>I've noticed a similar problem with rm.
>In directories with structure something/yada/yada/other/...
>rm -rf will tell you that you have a circular directory structure and to
>notify your administrator, it is almost certainly corrupt.
>You have to remove from the second yada and then once it's gone, the
>original command will work. Yuck.

The problem with rm is because the algorithm cygwin32 has for generating
inode numbers does not guarantee unique values.  In the UNIX world, these
values must be unique.  If they aren't, it indicates the file system is 
corrupt.  This is why this message occurs for rm.  An explanation of this
should be in the FAQ by now.

This is NOT the same issue as the find problem.

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