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Re: co-existance on cygwin32 and uwin

At 04:34 PM 11/10/97 GMT, Kevin Hughes wrote:
>I have been using cygwin32 for a few weeks now and am making progress slowly. I
>wished to try the uwin system and installed it.
>Both systems work - both have plus and minus points. One thing is causing me a
>problem - once uwin was installed my gnu system stopped working until I
changed the uwin /usr directory name. What appears to happen is that gcc
picks up the 
>/usr/include/x.? files. I dont understand why. I dont have this in any env. 
>variable or in any spec file. I think it only finds the uwin include if it cant
>find one in the cygwin tree. 
>Any ideas what is going on?

The traditional UNIX world uses certain hard-coded, default directories.
/usr/include is one.  If you have it and it is on the drive cygwin32 mounts
as "/", gcc will use it, regardless of what is there.  The solution you 
arrived at to avoid the co-existence problem is reasonable and workable in
this context.


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