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Re: WARNING: Serious Pentium Bug --> PentiumPRO seems OK

On Mon, 10 Nov 1997, John Mamer wrote:
> I tried the code on my 300Mhz Pentium II machine (MMX).  I
> compiled under gcc (gnu-wn32).  The OS caught the problem
> and terminated the program without crashing.  It gave me a
> dialog box containing the statement:

> > I'm also seriously in need of a confirmation as to whether the same
> > piece of code affects Pentium Pro machines.  Has anyone tried it
> > out yet?  Please post directly to me if you may as it may digress
> > from the Cyginw-gnu discussions although the Intel bug report is
> > serious.

	We have tried here on a Pentium Pro, it has successfully
caught the problem. It seems that PentiumPro CPUs are OK.  We have
tried on a couple of Pentiums, they have been frozen.

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