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Re: slightly off topic: gnu make and VC++

On  8 Nov 97 at 9:36, Ulrich Lauther <> wrote:

> Unnerved by VC++'s gui, I tried to convert a generated *.mak file
> to gnu make's syntax and to run make. This seems to work for generating
> objects, but in the link stage I get an anresolved extern "operator new()".
> link.exe seems to use some hidden libs, but I can't find out which ones.
> Can anybody help? Here is the link command and the error message (newlines
> inserted for readability):


> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Ulrich Lauther          ph: +49 89 636 48834 fx: ... 636 42284
> Siemens ZT SE 4         Internet:

Hi, Ulrich!

MSVC has a very peculiar syntax, that i'm not familiar with.  You may be 
instructing it to use a particular version of new().

No matter how uncomfortable, the VC GUI usually generates every option
correctly. So i guess an idea is to generate via GUI a simpler project, that
uses the same libs.  Then, try to compare its command line switches with yours.

I hope that can help you.

Hilton Fernandes
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