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Re: WARNING: Serious Pentium Bug

>I'm no OS expert, but a couple observations:
>You got debugging output, so the program didn't "crash" your machine,
>right?  The cygwin exception handler dealt with the exception, so the
>machine wasn't really in the weeds.  If it crashes or locks up the
>machine in Windoze without cygwin running, that would point to a bug in
>the Windoze exception handlers, wouldn't it?  

I never said it crashed my machine. I just pointed out that the supposed
'crash code' didn't crash my computer. As for the exception, no kidding, my
computer kept running just fine right after the test code, so the original
post is one of two things 1) wrong 2) not inclusive on my computer/OS.

>Or does the reported 'bug' have to do with the hardware aspects of the
>exception handler?

No idea, ask whoever wrote from

>PS:  What is coolview?  Best that I can guess is that it's not Codeview,
>which I used as a debugger back with microsoft Masm 5.0.

I believe that 'Coolview' is the recent update/patch series so graciously
put together by Sergey (hope I didn't mangle the name). Unfortunately, I'm
only a learning programer, a win95 user, and someone who has only thought
of dabbling in UNIX/LINUX, so I can't figure out how to apply the patches,
or even what I should have to apply them.

Hope this clears up my point some.

- Greg Neujahr
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