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LyX and Xforms


I searched throught the back issues on cygnus and didn't find anything
about either LyX or xforms. So I thought I'd ask whether anyone has any
experience trying to bring either of these up under gnuwin32.

LyX is a font-end for LaTeX and from what I gather it uses xforms to
produce a WYSIWYG like interface. The URL for LyX that I have is 

and for xforms 


I don't feel too confident in attempting to bring them up under GNUWIN32
(as I am not very strong in C/C++ etc) but I am strongly tempted to give it
a try as I and a colleague of mine have a need for LaTeX but don't
particularly like the hassle of learning it to do all that we will probably
need. {  I know I know, tha't being kinda lazy :-)  }

I was thinking that one could do as straight a port as possible and use a
local X-server such as MI/X or the one I use most frequently SuperX from
FrontierTech. (Haven't seen the latter mentioned on the list. Does anyone
else use it? I rather like it for my purposes as it is more robust than
MI/X and not too expensive either.)

xforms provides the menus and buttons etc used by LyX and it apparently
does so via a Unix shared object librayr (.so . . . etc) AFAIK (not very
far <g>) this sort of function would be carried out in WIN32 by a DLL. Does
GNUWIN32 have the .so option available? I'd kinda guess not but then . . .
If not how hard is it to change the .so file into a dll? (obviously you
need the source but after that?) 

Well any thoughts any one might like to add would be greatly appreciated as
they might be save me a lot of headaches. And also if anyone has a good
argumebnt as to why this would be a dumb project to get started on, <G> I'd
very much like to hear them as well.



PS: this is a great list. I've been sort of lurking for some time and this
is my first post. Thanks to all the earlier contributors.

Dr. Henry J. P. Smith		   President / Owner
		TPE Associates
"Technology	     Physics           Environment"
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