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Re: ls -p very slow

>Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 17:09:02 -0500
>From: rale <>
>To: Alex <>
>CC:, Derek Young <>,
>Subject: Re: ls -p very slow
>Alex wrote:
>> Shortcuts are those bloody .lnk files, but not just available to the 
>> proggies, but to all Win32 programs, afaik they don't have INI style
>> syntax.  They do however have various API functions that would 
>> provide a [small] speedup.  I'm thinking that the stat functions (or
>> whatever ls is using) would only check .lnk files for shortcuts, and 
if it
>> _is_ a shortcut, then the .lnk is truncated within gnu-win32, and if 
>> not a shortcut then, it's treated as a regular file (with the .lnk
>> extension).
>> - alex
>I thought those kinds of links were only usable for files tho?  At 
>from windows explorer you cant create links to directories...  Or maybe
>im wrong?

I know that for Win95 you can create links (shortcuts) to devices, 
directories and files.

-        \\||//

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