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Re: Win 95 console business

Hi there:

Let me declare that I am totally uninterested i M$ bashing or holy wars,
but skimming over this message I saw the following remark:

> And have you ever used VC++? It compiles faster and makes better code than
> gcc does (last time I looked) and it has a far nicer environment.

My question to the net community: is this true, and how much is the
difference?? Has anyone compared the two on NT or even Win95?

I know that the cygwin library adds overhead on top of WIN32 calls,
but apart from that, if you just look at a program spending CPU time
on reading/writing memory arrays and the like (i.e. little OS calls), 
what kind of performance difference typically comes out of
the same program being compiled with gcc -O3 and optimizing VC++?

I mean, I always thought that gcc -O3 was pretty competitive, at 
least that is my experience with gcc on solaris in comparison
with the sun cc/CC.

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