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Re: Problem with GetKeyState()

GBradfor wrote:
>      What is wrong with the following program?
>      It is compiled under bash with
>      gcc -o keystate.exe keystate.c -I$GCC_WIN_INCLUDE -luser32
>      where GCC_WIN_INCLUDE is an environment variable pointing to the Windows32
>      directory.
>      As I understand the documentation on this function, GetKeyState() takes the
>      ASCII code for A-Z, a-z, and 0-9 as input (the virtual-key code for
>      others).  It returns a value where the high-order bit is set for key down,
>      and it is reset for key up.  The low-order bit is set and reset for
>      "toggle-able" keys.
>      Given this, and that 0x61 is ASCII for 'a', I would think that the program
>      would print the opening statement, wait for 'a' to be struck, print the
>      next two statements, wait for 'a' to be released, and print the last
>      statement.
>      This ain't happening.  The program prints the first statement and hangs.
>      What am I misunderstanding here?

I don't claim to be an expert or anywhere close to it, but 
methinks this routine is only valid when running as a 
Windows task (not in console mode).  Course I don't know 
much more than that.  :)

Someone else can explain how to create a windows app.

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