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Re: How to set up a DNS ?

It seems that a full DNS server is needed to run safely
Starnet's X-Win32 (isn't it ?) or one has to disable its
DNS entry of its ISP and reactivate it whenever it connect to its
ISP ? That's why I'm interested in a DNS server (I've been told
that there is a bind-dns freeware available at,4,0-19403,501000.html .

Dr David Coe wrote:
> Hi Pasa,
> Probably this is the wrong group for such a question. Its answer also
> depends on what exactly you are trying to achieve. If you want to:
> 1. just share native filestore and applications across PC's, then you don't
> need DNS at all and can make do with NetBEUI.
> 2. access local FTP, News, Mail and Web servers on a small mixed PC and Unix
> Intranet, then installing simple TCP/IP and making entries in each machine's
> etc/hosts file should suffice (see the NT System Guide and/or Resource Kit
> manuals).
> 3. run a modest LAN with shared dial-up connection to the Internet, then you
> might consider something like Qbik's Wingate proxy server which has a mini
> DNS built-in and rely on your ISP to handle the main DNS infrastructure
> (have a look at and, in particular, the
> very helpful manual in their freely-downloadable Lite version).
> 4. manage a really big and busy site with a need to handle and cache a lot
> of high-speed domain-lookup traffic, then a full-blown DNS like Bind for
> WinNT might be justified (try and
> O'Reilly's excellent book "DNS & Bind").
> I can't remember titles off-hand, but both my local bookshop and university
> library have metres of books on system administration for this sort of
> topic. If you want a feel for available third-party internet resources,
> consult the server pages on - it
> will keep you busily occupied for months. Happy browsing!
> David Coe

Sincerely yours,
				Pasa Guglielmo
 e-mail  :         tel. :  +41 (0)24 485 50 40 
 mailing : Pasa Guglielmo          fax  :  +41 (0)24 485 50 44 
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