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Re: How to set up a DNS ?

Hi Pasa,

Probably this is the wrong group for such a question. Its answer also
depends on what exactly you are trying to achieve. If you want to:

1. just share native filestore and applications across PC's, then you don't
need DNS at all and can make do with NetBEUI.

2. access local FTP, News, Mail and Web servers on a small mixed PC and Unix
Intranet, then installing simple TCP/IP and making entries in each machine's
etc/hosts file should suffice (see the NT System Guide and/or Resource Kit

3. run a modest LAN with shared dial-up connection to the Internet, then you
might consider something like Qbik's Wingate proxy server which has a mini
DNS built-in and rely on your ISP to handle the main DNS infrastructure
(have a look at and, in particular, the
very helpful manual in their freely-downloadable Lite version).

4. manage a really big and busy site with a need to handle and cache a lot
of high-speed domain-lookup traffic, then a full-blown DNS like Bind for
WinNT might be justified (try and
O'Reilly's excellent book "DNS & Bind").

I can't remember titles off-hand, but both my local bookshop and university
library have metres of books on system administration for this sort of
topic. If you want a feel for available third-party internet resources,
consult the server pages on - it
will keep you busily occupied for months. Happy browsing!

David Coe

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