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Delays in first use of bash, ls, etc.

I recently installed beta 18 of the GNU-WIN32 development kit, and for
the most part everything appears to be working fine. However, the first
time I bring up bash, or invoke a command such as ls within bash, it
takes a minute or longer for it to come up, or in the case of ls,
generate output. The same thing happens the first time I execute a bash
script. The second and subsequent times it responds immediately. I was
wondering if anyone knew what would cause this.

I have also noticed that there is no delay if I double-click on the bash
executable in the NT Explorer-- the delay occurs only in DOS shells that
I bring up separately. Once I am in the bash shell (regardless of how I
brought it up) I still have a delay the first time I execute  some
command such as ls.

Any comments or suggestions on how to get around this problem would be


Sylvester Fernandez
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