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Re: Search engine?

Actually, I didn't.  You're right, it doesn't come back with many hits,
and none from the mailing list.  But the mailing list archives _are_
searched.  A better example would have been:


which comes back with ~70 hits, many from the mailing list archives.  I
think 'curses' just doesn't occur in the mailing list archives as a
word. i.e. set of by whitespace.  This is by using the engine at:


John F. Kolen wrote:
> On Nov 3,  1:10pm, Adam Taylor wrote:
> > Subject: Re: Search engine?
> > Why can't you just do stuff like, e.g.
> >
> > +curses
> >
> > at Alta Vista's site?
> >
> > Adam
> >
> Did you try this before posting it to the mailing list?  If you did, you
> would have discoverd that AltaVista produced three hits (on 11/4/97):
> 1. Xconq Home Page
>        Xconq is an Empire-type strategy game, where each player contests for
>        domination of a simulated world. However, unlike most empire-building
>        games, it...
> - size 2K - 18-Sep-97 - English
> 2. UNIX apps successfully ported with GNU-Win32
>        UNIX apps successfully ported with GNU-Win32. To give you some idea of
>        the power of the Cygwin32 API, we've put together a list of some of the
>        useful...
> - size 6K - 6-Sep-97 -
>        English
> 3. GUILE ML archives by subject
>        GUILE ML archives by subject. About this archive. Messages sorted by:
>        [ date ][ thread ][ author ] Other mail archives. Starting: Sat 20 May
>        1995 -...
> - size 115K - 22-Sep-97 -
>        English
> I might be blind, but I didn't see any GNU-win32 mailing list hits.  Maybe you
> have a different AV search engine?
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