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gnu-win32 on CDROM

I installed b18 some time ago and got frequent stack error from commands like
grep and bash. I posted a log of my error trace and got no suggestions other
than I needed to remove a previous version. Since this was a virgin install
and I am not a PC guru I was stumped. Apparently something about my
configuration is unique since no one recognized the bug.

After not being able to use the tools for these several months I finally want
to solve this the right way, i.e. download the source and start learning and
debugging. Unfortunately I was just barely able to download the CDK through my
poor internet connection.

Does anyone know of a CDROM which has a reasonably recent version of gnu-win32
in source and binary so I can try again.

Also has anyone had luck building cross development tools with gnu-win32
native gcc tools? I would like to do powerPC and palm pilot development in the
gnu-win32 environment. That's part of the reason I want to start from source.
I would like to stay at the same gcc version for all three platforms. I do
this almost trivially on UNIC platforms and was hoping it was as easy under

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