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bugs with `rm' and delete queue


gnu-win32 does some fancy footwork in an attempt to emulate the Unix
behaviour where a file which is currently opened by one process can be
deleted; in Unix, the directory entry for that file is removed,
but the file will not actually be deleted until the process closes the file.

Unfortunately there are bugs in this code in gnu-win32.

In particular, I have often experienced the situation where gnu-win32
somehow queues up deletes for a file, and then when a new copy of the
file is created, the new copy gets immediately deleted.

There also seem to be problems with attempting to delete a read-only file.

(Sorry this bug report is not very precise, unfortunately I don't have
access to my Windows 95 box at the moment.)

Has anyone else experienced similar problems? 
I don't suppose anyone happens to have a fix?

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