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Re: Win 95 console business

On Wed, 5 Nov 1997, Benjamin Constable wrote:

> I reboot my NT box to put new drivers on or to play games in win95, or to
> save power. Never any sooner.

> I agree that NT could do with a gcc kind of compiler free with the OS. But
> expecting VC++ to come free is like expecting a free copy of suns visual
> tools with every sun box.

However SunPro is lacking in some ways, and in C++ tools (including
debuggers) gcc and SunPro compliment each other.
> And have you ever used VC++? It compiles faster and makes better code than
> gcc does (last time I looked) and it has a far nicer environment.

It compiles faster, and might produce better code, however, it has one of
the worst interfaces I've ever used.  Try BC++ 4.5 or C++ Builder if you
want visual.  I rather dislike how kludgy VC++'s interface is.  In fact
you can download a C++ Builder demo, that's pretty darned functional.
> apart from gcc. As a matter of fact, it just makes NT look more appealing
> every time it improves, because it means you can run a wider and wider
> range of software on your machine.

I can run Win32 programs without NT or 95.  I can run two types of Linux
binaries, SCO binaries, BSDI binaries, and FreeBSD binaries on my machine.
Can NT do that? I think not.  NT is a pretty face, but really not much
else as far as I'm concerned.

> And if you think that gcc can compete with VC++, you have something coming
> to you. Unless there is a free visual user interface creation tool out
> there too bolt onto it.


> Look at the name of it: gnu-win32. Notice the win32 bit? This mailing
> exist would not exist without MS.

It's sad that this list needs to exist, because of MS's lacking, and
lackluster development of NT.  I like the _idea_ of NT or even 95.  But
anything that took THREE big cumilative patches to add basic error
trapping to the system calls, really is sad.  I still like the interface
though, but that doestn't change that it sucks as a development

- alex

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