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Remote.tar.gz and friends

Hmmm... I seem to make one step forward and two steps back.

The goal is to get remote login's to work on my laptop running
w95. To my stock b18, I added Sergey Okhapkin's remote.tar.gz
and coolview.tar.gz, Win32_X11R6_3.tar.gz and Mi/X server.

Everything sort of works, but:
1. vim dies, and it use to work ok. Indeed several utilities will
	lock up now. Sometimes ls even.
2. telnet connects but disconnects with the message:
/usr/local/bin/login: /usr/local/bin/login: No such file or directory
(Well I have played with /usr/local/bin/login.exe which was login.w95
so now I don't even get this error message anymore.
3. less no longer pages it is meerly a cat
	set CYGWIN_TTY=1 and set CYGWIN_TITLE=1 are in autoexec.bat
4. /usr/X11R6.3 is \usr\X11r6.3 on win95 (and it refuses to change to a
	capital R.
5. I did get the xserver to run, and remote applications display fine,
	but rxvt only appears, it does not accept any input.

I have not tried remounting / as binary, is that a good idea?
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