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Re: V

You need to ftp the package from
I think it is in the directory /pub/wampler
You also need to get the gnuwin files that was uploaded by some kind soul.
There are two files ( and makefile) concatenated together into one
file.  Just retrieve the file and seperate into the two files.

Follow the READMEs to compile.  I had a problem with the case sensitivity but I

managed to bodge around it by renmaing V_DEFS.H to v_defs.h in the include

It works well.

NOTE: I had real problems getting stdin, stdout, stderr and and file I/O to
work.  It would link without
any errors but would crash out when any I/O was attempted.
I finally solved it (trial and error) by removing all libraries that were being

linked and putting them back
in one at a time until it compiled.  I can't remember which libraries I left
out but I think it was
user32, kernel32, cygwin and maybe a couple of others.  I'm not sure if these
have been compiled into
the V library or not.  I would think not.  All I know is this now works for my

Good luck
Brendan Simon

PS.  C++ compiling with V is very slow. (thoungh I am using a 486 DX2/66).
It's probably just as slow with any other C++ compiler.  I'm not sure.

Leon wrote:

> Hello.
> I am a new user of the GNU-32 tools.  I have installed the package and have
> been compiling my c++ programs using G++.
> I am interesting in using V to create GUI programs, but after reading the
> FAQ's and other documentation, I am unsure where to begin.
> Thanks for your help...
>                                 Leon
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