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Re: 1. rxvt ; 2. XFree Servers

> 1. I still cannot launch rxvt on my X11 server (Starnet's X-win32)
> it display a window which disappears as soon as it appears.
> What can I do for it.

Make sure you have set CYGWIN_TTY=1
> 2. Is it possible to build an X server from the XFree distribution
> wihtout much effort ? Has anybody already tried it. I would be
> interested in the results of such an attempt.

Interesting idea...

The X consortium (or whatever they are called now) officially supports Win32
with MSVC++ (I was able to build it once out of the tarfile).  The README file
states that support for an Xserver is not available.  I guess it is not a
simple matter of compiling the code, you may need to develop the proper
drivers/hooks to the native Win32 API. 

Now, if you take the XFree distribution (is this a Linux thing?), would it be
able to talk to the VGA driver in a DOS-like mode? Does anybody know?

Arlindo da Silva

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