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Matlab and Gnu-Win32?????

Dear Cygnus fans,

I am quite new in the C++ and C world.
Recently I started to do some work in neural networks/fuzzy logic
area using Matlab. This is computationally difficult and time consuming
especially because I have only Win95 version of Matlab5.

Recently I discovered very interesting and powerfull Matlab class program
Scilab which was ported to Win95 using Cygnus Gnu-Win32 and is available
free. That's how I found about this nice and promissing compiler - GNU

Now I would like to try to use Cygnus Gnu-Win32 to compile Matlab MEX
files from C or C++ files. What makes Cygnus very attractive to me is that
everithing is OK, I can port very fast my code from Matlab(Win95) to
Sun-Solaris and use there Scilab or transfer code written in C/C++ for
UNIX to Win95 and Matlab. 

Does somebody know something about this - Matlab MEX files on Win95 using
Cygnus? Can you give me some hints or directions about Cygnus
and Matlab confuguration. 

Thank you!

P.S. It may be interesting to hear also about using Cygnus with
Mathematica's MathLink. 

Julian Stoev <>       - Ph. D. Student
Intelligent Information Processing Lab. - Seoul National University, Korea
Office: 872-7283, Home: 880-4191        -
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