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RE: which libs to link

Hi there!

From: 	Thomas Nichols[]
Sent: 	01 Ноември 1997 г. 17:12
Subject: 	RE: which libs to link

2-minute questions: which lib has GeWindowTask? I'm also having problems
with strlwr but I think it's because of a #undef

Thanks very much to all those who've offered fast and practical advice.
Beats any commercial compiler's support hands down.

Take a look at the following info. It's taken from the MSVC++ 4.2 help pages.
Hope it'll help you!

The GetWindowTask function is not implemented in the WIn32 API. 
To maintain compatibility with 16-bit applications, GetWindowTask has been replaced with a macro that calls GetWindowThreadProcessId. Earlier applications can continue to call GetWindowTask as previously documented, but new applications should use GetWindowThreadProcessId. 

GetWindowTask is defined as returning a value with a HANDLE data type. GetWindowThreadProcessId returns a value with a DWORD data type. The macro that maps GetWindowTask to GetWindowThreadProcessId includes a cast to HANDLE, as follows: 
#define GetWindowTask(hwnd) \\  
    ((HANDLE) GetWindowThreadProcessId(hwnd, NULL)) 

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