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Re: Search engine?

>> Your site would greatly benefit from a search engine.  I'm having
>> problems finding information that I think would be easily obtainable
>> through a search engine.

yes, imagine my dismay at forgetting the name of the CYGWIN_TTY variable,
having deleted all the mail items that mentioned it, foolishly thinking
"oh, it's all in the archives", and spending an hour looking for it there!

>Anyone know of an easy WWW search engine I could install?  If it's easy
>to set up and maintain, I'll look into it...

>alta vista (and probably all the others) have "personal" versions of their
>search software that can index the contents of your hard disk. i don't know
>if it applies to a single web site but it might.

>also, uses third party(?) search software called 'dynaweb'.

you could look into these.

does anyone know of any others?

failing that, if you send me the sources to the cgi programs that are
currently handling the archive, i'd be willing to add searching to them.


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